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Free Trade

Canada and Columbia have signed a Free Trade Agreement that will benefit producers and consumers in both countries.  As reported in The Wall Street Journal
"The Canada-Colombia FTA will expand bilateral trade by lowering tariffs on a wide variety of products. Some Canadian agricultural products -- including wheat, barley and lentils -- and many manufactured goods will enter Colombia tariff-free immediately. Running in the reverse direction, Colombian producers will find a more open Canadian market and Canada's consumers will have more choice at better prices. The agreement will also give new legal protections to investment and improved market access in services."

Missing from this agreement is our own country.  With a Columbian trade agreement blocked by Democrats in congress our consumers will have to pay higher prices and our producers will see potential orders lost to Canada.  In a time of economic distress in this country I think it is unreasonable for Congress to exacerbate the situation by perpetuating trade barriers.  Encouraging free trade with all other countries is far better than bailing out failed businesses.  In fact, with fewer barriers to trade some businesses might not be failing in the first place.

That Canada and Columbia have chosen to freely trade
Is insurance that boosts to their economic wealth will be made.

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