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They Don't Understand

Here is a brief excerpt from Rush Limbaugh's commentary on Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana:

"Yesterday in Lafayette, Louisiana, there was a rally for economic survival protesting the deepwater drilling moratorium of the Obama regime. Here is Governor Bobby Jindal.

JINDAL: The president of the United States came down here, met with us in person. This is what he told us. He said this to me, he said, "Governor, if people lose their jobs because of the moratorium they can file a BP claim." (laughter) I said, "Mr. President, with all due respect, what if BP doesn't pay?" He said, "Don't worry, governor, they can file an unemployment claim." I said, "With all due respect, Mr. President, our people don't want a BP check or an unemployment check. We want to go back to work!" (cheers)

RUSH: Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal taking it to President Obama. We don't want a check. We don't want welfare. We don't want a BP check. We don't want an unemployment check. We want to work. Here is the second bite from Governor Jindal's remarks.

JINDAL: They don't understand in Washington, DC. They literally said to us, the administration said to us, "The rigs will just come back." The rigs will just come back, like you could turn off and on a switch. They don't understand, once these rigs go they're gone for years. In Louisiana alone, we'll lose 20,000 jobs. Across the Gulf Coast tens of thousands of additional jobs. That's why today is so important. We need our voices to be heard. We need them to understand if they hear nothing else from us today, they need to hear us say this: let us go back to work. We don't want a BP check. We don't want an unemployment check. We want to go back to work powering the American economy."

The Governor has it right.  You cannot just turn the economy back on like a light switch.  Once the jobs are gone they are gone for years if not forever.  Why should businessmen trust a Washington bureaucracy that has no clue about business and the rule of law? 

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