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Intuition and Land of the Lost

As I was returning from some errands this morning I walked by a new store, on Belmont between Halsted and Broadway, called Intuition.  I have always thought that intuition is a talent with which you are born or one that you develop as you mature.  Apparently it can be bought and sold, or perhaps not --  the store window had further labels identifying it as a "Self Discovery" Boutique.  Well, that did not help much since I rather thought that self-discovery was an internal process that one did through attempting to discover or find the nature on one's own self.  However, perhaps this store offers aids to these processes, books and such that help one understand the nature of intuition or suggested questions to help in the self-discovery process.  I may go back and explore further for these speculations seem quite fruitless.  I would be better off diving into the self discovery process on my own to see what I find. 
Just a bit further down the same street on the other (north) side I noticed a store called Land of the Lost.  Now this seemed to be someplace I might need if the Intuition and self-discovery process does not work out;  however, upon a brief survey of the front window of the store, filled with clothes from decades past, I concluded that it was probably an eclectic sort of used clothing or consignment store and unlikely to be someplace one might explore if one was truly lost.  They might have some used books that could help, but that too will have to wait for another day.  I have sufficient intuition to carry me through the end of this week and beyond.

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